April 2014

New Sorcerer Rising Cover

Earlier this year I commissioned a new book cover for Sorcerer Rising, as well as one for FayTown Calling. This is part of an effort to brand my Virgil McDane books, to make them run together. Karri Klawiter is the artist and she’s done a fantastic job. Gotta say, I never realized how bad mine looked until I saw this. Just can’t get over how good it looks. It’ll be up on the retail sites soon enough, with a paperback finally coming out the end of the week. I will have a reveal for FayTown Calling toward the end of the week. That…doesn’t exactly mean the book will be coming out then, but seeing the cover has goaded me into a new pace.

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Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Part of the reason I wanted to have a blog was so I could go nuts when I have moments like these. Usually, it’s long after the thing I’m excited about has faded from relevancy (I don’t go to the movies too often) but not this time. Just to be clear, I spoil just about everything below. I didn’t expect much when I went to see the second Captain America movie. I was one of the few who didn’t really care for the first one (I actually preferred Thor). They did a lot more with him in the Avengers, but even then he just wasn’t as interesting as the other characters. So believe me when I say I am surprised, not only to say it isĀ great, but is also my favorite Marvel movie next to the Avengers. It topped Thor, the Hulk movies, even Iron Man. And in comparison to…

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Broker of the Damned

I am happy to announce a new short story, Broker of the Damned. This story gives the first real glimpse into the world of the Coven, and shows what role Witches serve in Virgil’s world. Blurb is below. The United States Magistrate is the organization that all mages fear. For hundreds of years, their Witches have hunted rogue Sorcerers and wild Wizards, binding those that would endanger others with their power. Now, a Necromancer is loose in Mare City, selling his dark arts to the highest bidder. Deputy Magistrate Matthias Ewing is on the case and must find out who this dark mage is and bring him to justice.

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