Sorcerer Rising Second Edition Changes

Holy crap. I wrote this post in May of last year. Please do not confuse my awe with pride, as I am ashamed it has taken me this long to thaw myself out.

The first sentence for the original post initially read, “In my most recent update for FayTown Calling, I made mention of the second edition I released for Sorcerer Rising.” I have no idea what post I am actually referring to, so sorry. But I did revise Sorcerer Rising early last year. The main purpose of that was editing, making sure that I didn’t just leave the quality of the book where I thought it needed to be.

The rest of this post is from May of last year.

Content changes were minor. Off the top of my head, there were a few scenes that I elaborated on, fleshed out. None were added, thought I did think hard about changing something around the ending. I have entertained that off and on for the past year, and maybe one day I’ll throw the idea out there, but for now I chose to keep it the same.

The BIGGEST content change I made was around two words, hardly even used in the book. One didn’t play into Sorcerer Rising’s plot at all, but will kinda be a big deal in FayTown Calling. The other played into Virgil’s past in a big way.

So, first I will start with Annwyn, formerly known as Pan. Mentioned a total of maybe five times in Sorcerer Rising, Annwn/Pan is the homeland of the Fay. Originally, Pan was a fill in name. I had a concept of the Fairy Continent, but no idea what I wanted to call it. Not until years into FayTown Calling (where I was still calling it Pan), while I was driving home from work, did I think of to call it what I am calling it now.

The second word, and the one I am more excited about, is Hyperborea. In Sorcerer Rising, you know this as Ander. I was never happy with this, must have changed it half a dozen times. At one point, I was calling it…alright, I just looked it up and couldn’t find it. No idea what I was calling it, but that’s how forgettable or terrible it was. Ander was a nonsense word to replace whatever that was.

Hyperborea came about after thinking more and more about the history of this country. As a recap, Hyperborea is small city-state somewhere in Europe (left purposely vague), known as the land of Sorcery. When almost all the rest of the world falls under the sway of the Guild, Hyperborea alone took its magics into its own hands. Through decades, some say centuries, of eugenics and breeding, they developed a population of mages. Their entire culture was built around magic, many called it a land of plenty. It was isolated from the world for much of its development, a utopia that many other nations had legends about. They were largely ignored, right up until they declared war on the world.

There was one last change, and that falls right in the beginning of a flashback chapter. I don’t want to give away anything, but the people from Virgil’s life before have had some name changes. I recently developed out those characters, who they were to Virgil and, more importantly, who they were as people.

Just wanted to recap those changes.

FayTown Calling Update

Had a thought on the way to pick up dinner last night. That thought cascaded into a multitude of others and I think I have figured out a major flaw in the current story, as well as a way to correct it.

Funny how this works. I have played a few different puzzle games throughout the years, one of my favorites being Unblock Me. It’s a game you can play forever without really doing anything. Often times I would get stuck on a level, so tightly that I intimately knew all the moves I could make. I’d have to set it down. I’d pick it up later and without even trying, knock out the level and the next dozen after it.

It is perhaps the Procrastinator’s Faith, but I am a big believer that I am never not working on something.

I’m letting it stew.

Anyway, I’ll be working on the opening to FayTown Calling while continuing to stew on the end. None of the opening changes where I want to go, just helps set it up. The last third of the book is something that I’m still puzzling it through. I have written two incomplete versions of it. Both are similar and I am starting to think that’s the problem. I had an initial way I thought this would end and I kept to it. Then I realized that wasn’t working, so I made modifications. They weren’t small, but they weren’t all that different either. I’m thinking I need to go in a different direction.

This is one of those times when I wish I was one person in a two person team. I could talk through the specifics of this, bounce ideas off them, and have someone tell me what they think is smart or stupid. Instead, I’m going to talk to myself on the way to work tomorrow. Luckily Memphis doesn’t really have a public transportation system, otherwise that’d just be weird.

Book Music

I don’t listen to music just a whole lot, normally when I am working on something (such as at work, working in the yard, writing, etc.) An odd thing I have noticed is that when I am focused on something monotonous, and the right song hits, I sometimes tie it to pieces of my story. A lot of times it just seems to be the background music for a bunch of disjointed scenes, like movie trailer. Other times, it might provide flavor and context to a scene I already have in mind. A few have even given me ideas for whole stories altogether.

This is my current list of songs. I am trying to shake it up because some of these are starting to get stale. I don’t choose these. Most of the time, I have heard them on the radio at the right time and they just strike a chord. I keep them around for as long as they give me goosebumps. Rainbow in the dark is just about the only one that is about something that has already been read. I already had most of the story for Sorcerer Rising written when I first heard it, but it fascinated me. All the rest of these are for future things, but I’ll call them out one day.

  1. Hair of the Dog (Nazareth)
  2. Love Runs Out (OneRepublic)
  3. Undone (Korn)
  4. Rainbow in the Dark (Dio)
  5. Bad Moon Rising (Creedance Clearwater)
  6. Run Through the Jungle (Creedance Clearwater)
  7. Spirit in the Sky (Norman Greenbaum)
  8. Phantom of the Opera Medley (Lindsey Stirling)
  9. Bang Bang (Jessie J, Ariana Grande & Nicke Minaj)
  10. See You Again (Wiz Khalifa)
  11. Ain’t No Rest for the Wicked (Cage the Elephant)
  12. Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This) (Eurythmics)
  13. The Sound of Silence (Disturbed)
  14. Enter Sandman (Metallica)
  15. Thunderstruck (AC/DC)


I Still Exist

Been a while, longer than I meant. I know, that song is getting old.

Believe you me, no one feels as strongly about that as myself.

Been wrapped up in…stuff. Without giving out too much detail, things have been unusually hectic for a number of reasons. Mostly work (ALL OF IT, screams the rebellious little voice in my head), though there are some other things going on too (the voice rolls its eyes and snorts).

Writing has taken a big hit. Trying to change my own mindset about that being the easiest thing to drop when the shit hits the fan. Trying my best to get that back on track. Still owe an update on NaNoWriMo, which did a lot, but still not near where I needed it to be.

do have a goal, now personally driven by the very thing that is keeping it from happening. Good news, I’m making moves to reprioritize things. Again, trying not to give too much detail on that, you can imagine why.

Even now, feels like I am writing this from a foxhole. Lots of pressure, lots of noise, and never knowing what the next day is going to bring. That may be too strong of an analogy (and I would never compare an office job to one in the military), but I am also a guy whose central premise of his writing is to have mental and emotional concepts manifest as real, physical monsters and locals.

I tend to see my own mind in those same parallels.

And right now, it’s wartime.


November Update: NaNoWriMo

Ugh, this is only the third post this year. I would start with some big, philosophical heartfelt communication about writing and creativity and discipline, but I think that’s mainly what the other two were. I’m tired of doing that (though I bet this post shifts toward that in the end).

So here is where we are.

FayTown Calling continues. Writing progress is painfully slow, mainly due to inconsistency. It’s been a busy year, my job, wife’s nursing school, the progeny, blah, blah, blah. Look, if you have read this blog at all, you know I’m busy and that’s why the second novel still hasn’t come out. All those things are true (though my wife is now officially done with school and I COULD NOT BE PROUDER!!!) but it’s real easy to use life as an excuse. I wish I could say all my free time was going toward writing, but it’s not.

I can find time, it’s just about discipline.

So, here’s how I’m going to deal with that. The keyword of the month is accountability. It’s embarrassing for me to be writing a post like this again, with publication still well over the horizon, but it’s a lot easier to do it when it’s only the third time this year, and that’s exactly why I’ve done it that way. It’s much easier to come on here and throw up a post with a bad status update every few months, vs keeping a daily tally.

Part of the original function of my blogging, and the website in general, was to serve as a log, so that I could record progress and make that information available to any who might be interested. High level, it’s a lot harder for me to not write if I am making said lack of writing a matter of public record.

Which sucks, but accountability usually does.

It being November, a month well known in our circles as National Novel Writing Month (an event I have always wanted to participate in), I thought it would be the best time to start with this.

So this post will go up roughly two in the morning on Nov. 1st (something like that, not sure how Daylight Savings will affect it) and my goal will be to write sometime Sunday. But whatever I do, or don’t do, there will be an update by tomorrow night. That will continue, these updates. Can’t guarantee they’ll be long, whether I’ve done a lot or not, but it’ll help in forming the habit and keep this on my radar.

All of this is intended on finishing out the month with a solid draft of FayTown Calling. I can’t even say where it is right now, but I know I’ve got some work to do. If I don’t finish, I’ll keep going.

Every day.

That’s a big promise, one I am very uncomfortable making. Not even really sure how I’m going to do it. Work hasn’t gotten slower, and all of the things I’ve referenced keep going, plus the holidays. But that’s my goal and I’m going to do everything I can to get as close to it as possible.

So here comes the philosophy damnit. I’ve used this before, and I don’t know that the attribution is correct, but it hangs over my computer at work and it’s one of the most important things I’ve ever heard. I’d rather fail trying to succeed, than keep ignoring this and let this continue to slip by.

“The greater danger for most of us lies not in setting our aim too high and falling short; but in setting our aim too low, and achieving our mark.” – Michelangelo

FayTown Calling is only the second Virgil book, and I have at least five other stories for him planned. A few of those, I know probably aren’t even sequential, that is, I know they are later in Virgil’s story and there will be other books I haven’t thought of yet beforehand. There are scenes I have thought of for years that I don’t even know where they fall, characters waiting to be created, villians ready to rise, and a world ready to be explored.

I don’t want to always be getting around to it.

So I’ll end with this.

See you tomorrow.