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Bioshock Infinite: A late Review

First and foremost to say about Bioshock Infinite, it is a fantastic video game and one of the single greatest arguments I have ever seen for the artistic quality of the medium. It is vibrant, with strong characters, and a great plot. So let’s talk about some of this. By now, everyone probably gets the gist of things. Bioshock has always been a world driven production. Whereas the first two took place in the underwater city of Rapture, this one takes place in the floating city of Columbia. Whereas Rapture was driven by personal development, hard work, science, the arts, business, Columbia is driven purely by fanatical religion and nationalism. Now, some people might have a problem with some of the portrayals in the game. White people, Christians, religion in general, and civic pride are depicted as horrible, the root of all evil. Keep in mind though that the Bioshock…

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Story Arcs Has Moved Here!

I have a post up on the old Story Arcs announcing this, but I had a lot more to say and thought it really needed to be here. About a year or so ago I created my first blog (actually my second or third, but the first I really kept up with) for the purpose of looking at several topics. First and foremost, writing. I am a writer and aspiring author. I have one book completed and the second well on its way. I wrote about several things in the publishing industry (as I learned them) as well as the various things I love about Fantasy and Science Fiction. I also write about games, movies, shows, anything that peaks my interest. This new site will follow that same format for the most part. The blog is still dedicated to all those nerd habits, but I also intend it to be…

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