Destiny: Rise of Iron – First Impressions (and review I guess…)

I really, really want to be fair in this. We will see how that goes. After about an eight month hiatus from Destiny, I logged in and played for the first time last night. I’ve logged in two or three times since January, but they were only to see what was up with the new patches. In those cases, I didn’t even go on a patrol let alone actually take a run at any missions. The main reason for that hiatus has been blasted across the internet, you don’t need me to really add anything. Either way, Rise of Iron was released last night and I was ready to get my game on. Two and a half hours later, I beat it. I am not even kidding. The story stretches maybe four or five missions. I sat down at 8:00. Between my daughter waking back up and having to get…

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Destiny and Gaming

Before kicking off for NaNoWriMo, it had been a minute since I wrote anything, and longer since I’d blogged. Couldn’t even tell you how long it’s been since I posted anything that had to do with my interests. Honestly, I have a lot of catching up to do in that sense. While I wasn’t writing, I was watching a lot of TV, caught some great movies, read better books, and played… Well, actually I really haven’t played that much. Sure, I upgraded our PC (because the old one died, and boy is that a story all by itself), but most of what I played on PC was pretty standard stuff I’d already done before. Got back into Skyrim for a bit, started into the Mass Effect series so I could have a Commander Shephard on PC, and spent a ton during the Steam Summer Sale. I’ve enjoyed PC gaming. But…

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