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New Sorcerer Rising Cover

Earlier this year I commissioned a new book cover for Sorcerer Rising, as well as one for FayTown Calling. This is part of an effort to brand my Virgil McDane books, to make them run together. Karri Klawiter is the artist and she’s done a fantastic job. Gotta say, I never realized how bad mine looked until I saw this. Just can’t get over how good it looks. It’ll be up on the retail sites soon enough, with a paperback finally coming out the end of the week. I will have a reveal for FayTown Calling toward the end of the week. That…doesn’t exactly mean the book will be coming out then, but seeing the cover has goaded me into a new pace.

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Updates On a Few Things

Yeah, I know, I know, been awhile since I posted anything. I’ve been involved with a work project that has tied up a lot of my time, just one of the joys of writing with a day job. I wanted to update on a few things, and since people tend to go to Story Arcs as well, it’s up there too. First, the writing is lagging hard and that’s my fault. FayTown Calling is a good month behind. I was hoping to send out a final call for beta readers the end of February and have it edited and out by May. That’s not looking on track though, I won’t send out to beta readers (which you can still be a part of, just comment or email me!) and don’t think I will until mid April. I have many things to change, tweak, and add, and a final polish to…

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Project Update

I wanted to give a quick update on some of the things I’ve been working on. The second story of Virgil McDane, DITF (you’re not supposed to know what that stands for) is coming along well and I am shooing for an early May deadline. That should be more than enough time to get everything completed, get it to readers, and make last minute edits. It also will give me time to get a cover together. I am doing something different than last time, so we’ll see how that goes. Details will be announced as soon as I have them. I am quite happy with the way the second one is coming. There are some very rough parts that need to be completed, some plot holes filled in, and a general tightening, but it has been a lot of fun to write and I think will be a lot of…

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