The Game of Thrones is About to Jump the Rails

I don’t really watch GOT. I’ve seen the first season, which was very enjoyable, but I have neither HBO or the patience and talent to obtain the series in a more illicit manner, nor the finances to buy each season. Nevertheless, I have followed how the series progressed. I, like most readers, loved watching people’s reaction to the Red Wedding, along with the other major moments like the Red Viper’s death. The memes have been great and watching the world learn to love and appreciate the Imp has been something I never really thought I would get to see.

So, even though I don’t watch the show, I’ve kept up with it.

There have been a lot of articles about what GOT will do if it catches up with the books. This is a valid concern, one that is stressed by the way A Feast for Crows and A Dance with Dragons is constructed. For the uneducated, it breaks up the POV characters into two novels. Basically, you have all of Westeros in Feast and the Wall, Dany, and Tyrion in Dance. For the books, this was a little hard to chew. A lot happens in Feast, but it lacks Jon Snow and Tyrion, my favorite parts. A lot happens in Dance too, but focuses very heavily on Dany, my least favorite part.

Let’s take a quick break for that, since everyone is always so surprised that I hate Dany. She is an idiot but that’s not really my problem with her. My problem is her dogged insistence that her family was betrayed, usurped by the “rebellious” lords of her father’s kingdom. I get that this is a world that has never seen democracy, so I’m kinda supposed to approach this with a certain amount of fealty, but the Targaryens that were overthrown in Robert’s Rebellion were monsters, descended from an inbred line of lunatics. Now, I can get behind much of that lunacy, but their actions have continuously ripped Westeros apart, and every single horror that has befallen their bloodlines was earned through years of faulty rule.

Oh, but Dany doesn’t know that?

She would if she would listen to anyone! All of her advisers come along and say, “you know, you’re dad wasn’t all that great” and she throws a hissy fit. Maybe, just maybe, she should remember her psychotic incestuous brother who her Sun and Stars crowned with a pot of molten gold? Maybe she should think about where her horrible sibling got some of those traits?

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I understand she’s a child queen and barely into her teenage years. Who cares! This is a series that has many child characters (Bran, Sansa, Arya) and they get along just fine without being morons. Well, not Sansa but I don’t think anyone thinks that has anything to do with age.

Anyway, the books split up the POV characters. The series has to deal with that. It looks like they’re already incorporating elements from Feast, such as Bran finding the last Greenseer, but it’s still one hell of a task to tackle. Probably, the best way would be to take all the POVs from Feast and Dance and cut it in half, making that a season.

Here’s the problem with that, that’s a lot of content, more than a Storm of Swords. Some people have said it’s a couple seasons in that book and a half, I think it’s more like three or four, depending on how much they want to retain. Then you will have Winds of Winter and whatever comes after that, unless Mr. Martin decides to go ahead and do an eighth. That could be a good, solid decade down the road, if not fifteen years, and by then there could be a ninth and tenth!

Based on some of the changes they’ve been making in the show, and some of the talk from the cast, I’m willing to make a hypothesis. I could be wrong, and honestly the only reason I’m writing it down is so I can say “I knew it!”.

Game of Thrones is about to jump the rails.

What I mean by this is the show is going to diverge from what the books are doing. It might not scoop any of the elements from the series, but it’s about to become its own thing. The stories we know from Feast and Dance…


…with Tyrion going over to Essos, getting kidnapped by Jorah, Jon dealing with Stannis, Arya becoming an assassin, all that stuff, I think is going to get boiled down to some essential elements. From this point on, it will be a separate entity from the books. I know over the years, A Song of Ice and Fire has become more than what George R. R. Martin originally saw it as. That makes me think, based on my own ways of writing, that he had other ideas that he abandoned for this sprawling epic the books have become. This could be an opportunity to go with one of his earlier drafts, when it was still envisioned as four or five books.

But what about his plan, you might ask? He was on the cover of Vanity Fair talking about his plan to wrap things up, doing interviews on talk shows, blogging about how the show will still follow the books.

That, my friends, is a lie.

That’s what I’m really boiling this down to. Next season and for the rest of the series, I think the readers who watch the show are in for a few surprises. We’re going to hit a point where Martin looks at us through the screen and say, “What, you though you were safe?” We will see some surprises as the show begins to veer, much to his malicious enjoyment, I’m sure, and readers and watchers are united in their surprise as the Game of Thrones separates itself from the paper and ink that birthed it.

Legend of Korra Book 3 Trailer

They have a new trailer for Book (Season) 3 of the Legend of Korra. It’s good, giving absolotely no hint to story or theme, just a ton of bending action shots with an eerie musical backdrop. It’s interesting, becuase one of my main problems with the Legend of Korra from last season was the lack of action. Too much politics, talk, whining, etc. And when they did have combat or bending it was very basic, nothing creative or imaginative like I’d come to expect from Avatar. That really picked up toward the end though and I have high hopes for Book 3.

Day 11 of Writing FayTown Calling

Yep, keeping with the same number.

(In case there’s any doubt, this is day 11 of the record, not day 11 since start. I’ve been writing this for like a year and a half.)

Got home at about 8:30, gave my son his bath, spent a little time with him, and read him a color of his own. Then it was off to beddy-bye (we’re normally much better about that but I had class so this was a late night).

I worked on half a section, knocking out a conversation between Virgil and the villain, and started on the action scene that makes up the rest of the section. It’s moving along. This was a scene from the very first draft that I had a lot of fun with so to be able to polish it up and flesh it out with more detail has been a good time. No idea how many words, it said it was only 107 but apparently Scrivener counts what is taken out as well as what you add.

That’s my night. Not a lot, but every little bit adds up.

Day 10 of 10 Writing FayTown Calling

My last day. Tomorrow I return to work, return to an avalanche of emails and things to take care of. This has been a good lesson, helping me to get back in the habit of writing, and more importantly, moving me leaps and bounds toward having FayTown Calling completed.

I hate to end it like this, but I didn’t write much today. Getting two hours of sleep will do that. I wrote a scene and cleaned up a few other things, but that was pretty much it. That’s seven-thousand words for the weekend and I’m happy with everything I have.

Going forward, I plan on keeping this up. I hope it’s enjoyable for others but really that’s to keep me accountable. I’m not committing to anything, because I can see this steadily falling to the wayside, but it’s something I plan on keeping up.

I will have an update on the release of FayTown Calling soon, can’t wait to get it out there.

Day 9 of 10 Writing FayTown Calling

It’s seven in the morning and I’m pretty sure I’m done writing for now. I got a few hours of sleep, fully intending to actually go to bed, then woke up and stayed that way. This turned out to be a mixed blessing as I then wrote 4,200 words that I am very, very happy with.

The afternoon netted be over 2,000 giving me a total of around 6,500 words for day nine. That bleeds into Sunday (day 10) so I don’t really know how to count it, but whatever, I’m calling that day nine.

Currently, the story is at 112, 391 words. If you’re scratching your head at that total, that’s because of a lot of cannibalization of previous words. Those don’t get counted in my word count for the day, but obviously do for the total. Because so much is getting recycled, and so much getting cut because it no longer fits with what I have written, I have a wonky word count.

So, where am I on the total story?

A lot of what I’ve done over the past few days needs review before I can say I’m happy, but the right ideas are on paper. All they need is some polish. I am happy with over half the story, but still haven’t been able to make it to the climax where things Get Real (which also needs heavy surgery to see what can and can’t be kept, and new words to go along with what I’ve written).  This will prove difficult over the next few weeks. I will write intermittently today, but won’t be able to marathon it like I’ve been doing. I go back to work tomorrow (and have class after that) and will be coming back to a week and a half of emails and a very busy workload. Balancing that with writing will be challenging.

I do, however, plan on continuing this log past the day 10 mark. I know I’m not going to get done everything I wanted, but I’ve accomplished a lot. Not as much as some people can (I don’t know how people can write a whole book in a month, ten days, etc.) but enough for me to say this has been a success.

My last update will be this evening with today’s writing. Beyond that, we will see how long it takes.