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The Game of Thrones is About to Jump the Rails

I don’t really watch GOT. I’ve seen the first season, which was very enjoyable, but I have neither HBO or the patience and talent to obtain the series in a more illicit manner, nor the finances to buy each season. Nevertheless, I have followed how the series progressed. I, like most readers, loved watching people’s reaction to the Red Wedding, along with the other major moments like the Red Viper’s death. The memes have been great and watching the world learn to love and appreciate the Imp has been something I never really thought I would get to see. So, even though I don’t watch the show, I’ve kept up with it. There have been a lot of articles about what GOT will do if it catches up with the books. This is a valid concern, one that is stressed by the way A Feast for Crows and A Dance…

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The Red Wedding

I don’t watch the Game of Thrones, mainly because I can’t afford HBO. Also, I read the books and there is just only so much of that torture you can put yourself through. Don’t misunderstand, I love them, but I once read that George R. R. Martin wanted his readers to be afraid to turn the page. He is really, really good at that. Too good. The reason I bring this up? The show just caught up to the Red Wedding. Yep. The Red Wedding. I’ve been saying this since the show first came out, and especially since it’s popularity took off. You people, the ones who don’t read the books, who think they know where it’s going, who think they know what they’re in for, you know nothing! Listen. Listen hard. That sound you hear? That bone breaking, soul wrenching sound?  Want to know what that sound is? That’s the…

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