Editing, Covered in Editing, With a Side of Editing

Sunday night I finished editing the 44th page of my weekend goal. I didn’t do double or a hundred like I hoped, but I got my planned goal taken care of and I was satisfied.

I have 113 of my 308 pages completed, with a month and a half left to get the rest done. At 44 pages a weekend and 10 on a day during the week, that will take about three and a half weeks, ending in July, with two weeks for a final run through. Honestly, I want more time to do a final line by line spelling/grammar check, as well as formatting for publication. I know I’m underestimating that by tenfold and will need every ounce of time I can muster up to complete it.

(I just used tenfold and muster in the same sentence. Remind me to discuss Naomi Novik’s His Majesty’s Dragon and how I tend to absorb the language of books I’m reading.)

But I’m not postponing that date (August 12th!!). Not for this. Something may come up but unless it’s something serious (car wreck, Rapture, Cthulu) I’m sticking to this date. So, I intend on increasing my pace. With the wife and son gone this week and a four day weekend, editing will be the goal.  A lot of editing.

My goal: 195 pages.

In case no one did the math, that’s the rest of the story. It’s lofty, but attainable. I’ll have one after work night without family (easily 15 pages), Wednesday night as late as I want ( 30 pages) all day Thursday and that night (honestly, don’t know, maybe 50-70 pages???) part of Friday, and the rest of the weekend (44 pages as stated, but I think that is low considering I won’t work Friday). That doesn’t add up to what I want, but I think it’s a low ball figure anyway, and I am pushing myself as hard as possible.

At this point, I am tired of editing already. I’ve read about authors getting to the end of the book and hating it, absolutely sick to death of it. That’s a good assessment of where I am. It’s not the first time either, I was tired of it when I was polishing it for my beta readers. It’s just surprising, reading through it after almost a year and seeing the rough edges. I’m happy to report, the last couple of chapters (after the aforementioned BAD chapters) are pretty good and I was really happy with them.

All that is left is to see it through.

Goal for the Weekend

I realized that my Goal for the Weekend posts probably don’t make as much sense without the back story for that. Between a wife in nursing school and a two year old devil-boy, my free time is usually Friday and Saturday night, starting around ten and going as long as I can keep my eyes open. I try to get a good game plan together every Friday afternoon for what I want to accomplish before Monday morning.

So, the goals:

  • Edit. Edit a lot.

I wanted to edit last night, then we had a thunderstorm which knocked out our AC. I spent all night trying to figure out what to do about that and failing. Luckily, after a restless night in an eighty degree bedroom, the AC is back up. The goal is a bare minimum of 44 pages, but I would love to do double that (actually about 100 pages). I am also looking at couple of chapters that have changed as the story evolved these five years and been rewritten several times. They are going to need some serious work, I believe. I’m trying not to fall into the trap of rewriting this to death, but my gut is telling me these chapters succumbed to that trap long ago and need to be scrapped and replaced.

  • Write in the second book.

Less concerned about word count here, really just want to get past a particular story arc. I am in a place in the book I didn’t anticipate, didn’t imagine, and have no clue what to do with. I want to get a good running start and go at it like that dude in Wanted.

Sometimes your book is something you love. You want to respond in turn. Other times its your enemy and well, you’re just declaring war on it. I want to do that to my book!

Okay, everything except at the end where he gets shot in the head. That would be bad.


Writing Status 6/27

Wow, it is almost July. Seems like just the other day we were celebrating the new year. Time flies, I guess.

So far, I am behind. My writing goal is pretty much shot to hell. Anniversaries, work stuff, etc. have limited that, as well as a big ol whallop of procrastination. As far as editing goes (and as bad a habit as this is, it’s my focus right now) I am on page 69 of 308. I actually should be on page 108, but didn’t do anything the weekend of my anniversary.

Plan on catching up this weekend, and spending a lot of time writing. Dean Wesley Smith says make a goal, try your best to stick to it, and if you get behind just keep with the plan. That’s what I am going to try and do.

But hell or high water, I am hitting this August 12th date.

That’s going to bite me in the ass.