Editing, Covered in Editing, With a Side of Editing

Sunday night I finished editing the 44th page of my weekend goal. I didn’t do double or a hundred like I hoped, but I got my planned goal taken care of and I was satisfied. I have 113 of my 308 pages completed, with a month and a half left to get the rest done. At 44 pages a weekend and 10 on a day during the week, that will take about three and a half weeks, ending in July, with two weeks for a final run through. Honestly, I want more time to do a final line by line spelling/grammar check, as well as formatting for publication. I know I’m underestimating that by tenfold and will need every ounce of time I can muster up to complete it. (I just used tenfold and muster in the same sentence. Remind me to discuss Naomi Novik’s His Majesty’s Dragon and how…

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Goal for the Weekend

I realized that my Goal for the Weekend posts probably don’t make as much sense without the back story for that. Between a wife in nursing school and a two year old devil-boy, my free time is usually Friday and Saturday night, starting around ten and going as long as I can keep my eyes open. I try to get a good game plan together every Friday afternoon for what I want to accomplish before Monday morning. So, the goals: Edit. Edit a lot. I wanted to edit last night, then we had a thunderstorm which knocked out our AC. I spent all night trying to figure out what to do about that and failing. Luckily, after a restless night in an eighty degree bedroom, the AC is back up. The goal is a bare minimum of 44 pages, but I would love to do double that (actually about 100…

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Writing Status 6/27

Wow, it is almost July. Seems like just the other day we were celebrating the new year. Time flies, I guess. So far, I am behind. My writing goal is pretty much shot to hell. Anniversaries, work stuff, etc. have limited that, as well as a big ol whallop of procrastination. As far as editing goes (and as bad a habit as this is, it’s my focus right now) I am on page 69 of 308. I actually should be on page 108, but didn’t do anything the weekend of my anniversary. Plan on catching up this weekend, and spending a lot of time writing. Dean Wesley Smith says make a goal, try your best to stick to it, and if you get behind just keep with the plan. That’s what I am going to try and do. But hell or high water, I am hitting this August 12th date….

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