Godzilla Asian Trailer

Alright. Now I’m excited. I don’t know if it’s that thing that looks like Rodan or the fact that this finally revealed Godzilla’s full face and form, but I’m officially ready. I was one of the few who actually kinda liked the remake with Matthew Broderick (please, don’t hit me in my face) but seeing this Godzilla really points out the lack of that one. This doesn’t look like a T-rex or a lizard, not even a dragon. It looks like Godzilla. More than that, we’re going to get to see a serious throw down. The old Godzilla movies were always at their best when he was fighting someone. Personally, I have a soft spot for Mothra or King Ghidorah, but Rodan will do. For now.

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Godzilla Trailer

I am cautiously optimistic about this. Bryan Cranston is a great actor, though I’m worried this will be WB just plugging him into a major franchise for the star power, wasting his talent in a blah character with weak writing. That’s really what Need for Speed looks like it’s doing with Aaron Paul. There’s a big aspect of the trailer that I want to discuss. There’s a very clear sense of drama. This doesn’t look like Pacific Rim, in tone or visuals. There doesn’t look like a lot of fun. Not that giant monster cagematch kinda fun anyway. I know people who’ve really criticized Superman and Star Trek for being too dark, too edgy, with too much destruction porn. While I didn’t love the movies, I don’t think those elements were the fatal blows. Here though, I can’t help but worry they’re going to make this really, really serious. Of…

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