Inside Out

One of the things I don’t usually get to do is go to the movies, so whenever I finally get around to watching one, it’s usually only after it’s been out for a while. My wife working tonight, so my son and I checked out Inside Out.

The last major Disney/Pixar thing I saw was either Frozen or Big Hero 6. Frozen, for all that everyone made about it, was kind of a letdown. Don’t get me wrong, the animation was fantastic, and I really enjoy most of the characters, but I’d kinda been expecting more due to the hype. I really like the twist, a lot, but the really big deal seemed to come from the way it flipped certain standard Disney conventions on its head. Great job, but, I think there were some other gaps. Also, lots and lots (and LOTS) of singing. Music is a big part of Disney movis, but usually something I more tolerate. If I recall, Frozen holds the record for the Disney movie with the most music. Doesn’t help that EVERYONE loved it and was pumping it through the radio (and my son had to hear Let It Go at least twice whenever we were in the car).

Big Hero 6 was just kinda blah. Some great Sci-Fi ideas, something was off with the pacing.

Inside Out though, man, firing on all cylinders. I’m seeing Pixar invest in more and more sequels, which kind of got me thinking they were running out of original material, but they went back to the well for this one and brought back a gem. Up took you on an emotional rollercoaster, basically laying waste to the watcher within the first five minutes, but this is a marathon. Few and far between the stories that can display emotion in such an eloquent way, have a fantastic message, and at the same time walk you through some of the basic, fundamental aspects of our understanding of the way the mind works.

It also helps that I took to the concepts they were illustrating. If you’ve read Sorcerer Rising, there are some familiarities. Virgil just has giant serpentine demons instead of, say, comical men in bowties.

Hm, I should put Al in a bowtie.


Dracula Untold and Vampires in Virgil’s World

I wanted, so very, very much, to hate this but it actually doesn’t look half bad. Did Dracula need an origin story? No, certainly not, and definitely not as the hero, but it looks like it’ll be better than Maleficent or I, Frankenstein. I have yet to see it, but if the trailer and reviews are any indication, it was horrible. At least Frankenstein’s Monster is a bit sympathetic, I don’t know how they screwed it up so badly.

Trailer for Dracula Untold on TrailerAddict.

I’ve been wanting to write a short story about Vampires for a while, and this just might have goaded me into action. I hate that Vampires have lost their monstrous quality, that the only dynamic anyone wants to tell anymore is that of the sympathetic, abused, misunderstood, glittery, romantic immortal. Even in stories like Underworld, where the vampires are the baddies, they’re really just guys that fangs and guns that are a bit tougher. They downplay the raw power, the awe, of a legend that has haunted mankind for millennia, crossing across nearly every culture. At least with this, they seem to have gotten the Sorcerer aspect of that right.

From a purely emotional level, I think my favorite portrayal was Salem’s Lot. King said he wanted to portray the vampire as a monster, a ravenous unthinking beast, barely contained and concealed behind the facade of an elegant and dignified noble. It wasn’t a curse, not to the vampire, but the true source of his power. He celebrated that but was intelligent and stylistic enough to know that each had its place and time. This is a complete opposite from, say, a werewolf which is usually victim to their other self. Vampires, Dracula in particular, were rarely the victim, always in charge, unstoppable, a force of nature.

That’s a true villain of the night.

So, I’m gonna try and crank out a short story. Who knows how long that’ll take, but I’ll send it out in my email but may put it on the site as well. Like everything else in Virgil’s world, it reflects my favorite aspects of fantasy and how I see things, and in this case I want everyone to know how I feel.

I think I’ve got a fun take on how Vampires should be.

The Book of Life Trailer

I’m writing, I really am.

But during my break I saw this and had to share it. Guillermo Del Toro is a friggin’ genius, and in addition to making comic book movies, his own TV series, and all his other projects, he’s apparently making an animated film. I had no idea, but it looks fantastic.

Godzilla Asian Trailer


Now I’m excited.

I don’t know if it’s that thing that looks like Rodan or the fact that this finally revealed Godzilla’s full face and form, but I’m officially ready. I was one of the few who actually kinda liked the remake with Matthew Broderick (please, don’t hit me in my face) but seeing this Godzilla really points out the lack of that one. This doesn’t look like a T-rex or a lizard, not even a dragon.

It looks like Godzilla.

More than that, we’re going to get to see a serious throw down. The old Godzilla movies were always at their best when he was fighting someone. Personally, I have a soft spot for Mothra or King Ghidorah, but Rodan will do.

For now.