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Star Wars

Cracked has a pretty great post (because there are two people in the world, those that like Star Wars and those that like Star Trek, and I’m the former) about why Star Wars is betterĀ that Star Trek. What I didn’t realize until I read it, and I have to kinda apologize for this, is that J.J. Abrams did essentially make the Star Trek movies into Star Wars. That’ probably why I was alright with them and so confused by the plethora of hatred that was directed toward them. Before I dive into this, they definitely have their problems. The first one was ridiculously forgettable (I know Vulcan gets blown the fuck up and there’s the whole time thing, but that’s all I got) and Khan’s “surprise” visit annoyed me as much as everyone else, but they were fun. I like the whole time displacement that has given them a reason…

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