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The Walking Dead and It’s Annoying Trend

Man, there are things I need to post about, but this one just can’t wait. First, it should be said that I greatly enjoy the Walking Dead. One of my favorite shows, one that has so many flaws yet still delivers in a way that outpaces them. And I still think that, even though this post is going to be largely negative. Am I upset Glenn’s dead? Sure. Am I upset Abe is dead? I mean, I guess, but he’s been living on borrowed time for at least two seasons so that just kinda fit. Overall, the scene was well done. It was brutal, gory, gave the characters a strong death, and was probably the best raw display of emotion any of these actors have displayed before. Something that, in watching the Talking Dead, really seems genuine. And once again, Jeffrey Dean Morgan is just fan-friggin’-tastic as Negan. I neither…

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Zombies and Frozen

I watched two things this weekend, one with my family, the other one without. The first was Frozen, the second was the Walking Dead finale. I’ll let you figure out which was which. I’m going to talk about the Walking Dead first, because there are spoilers for Frozen embedded deep in this post and I’d be more worried if someone read those than any spoilers for the Walking Dead. The finale was…frustrating. It was great the way Darryl rejoined the group and Rick and Michonne slaughtered the Claimed folks. Rick has always been a character that was an extreme badass of the best kind…the type that doesn’t have to constantly prove it. The best moments in the series were when he shot that guy in the bar (Nebraska man…), killed Shane, and last night when he ripped that guy’s throat out with his teeth. Because in the Walking Dead, people…

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The Walking Dead: Claimed

This week’s episode was very similar to Cleared, in both theme and quality. Once again, Michonne really proves to be a great character the more she’s fleshed out. My familiarity with the comic ended around the beginning of the prison so I don’t really know what is the show vs the comic, but either way I’ve really enjoyed furthering her back story. Getting her back with Rick and Carl was a great move, especially as her and Grimes the Younger cleared the house. The moment where she walked into the pink room was a special kind of Walking Dead moment, the kind that shows you of the world that was lost. Carl really gets the benefit of these story lines. I remember thinking at the end of last season that they were going to take him down the sociopath route, making him into the next Shane, but he’s really gone…

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The Walking Dead is Back

Our Holiday Hiatus is over and the Walking Dead is back! Tonight’s episode was a decent example of what the Walking Dead does really well, that slow burn type stuff, where we take a quick break to let the characters simmer on all that’s been going on. Rick looks like a Walker all by himself and spends most of the episode unconscious. Carl was the majority of the episode and spent most of his time trying to prove he didn’t need his dad. The kid is one of those characters the fans seem to hate, yet he never really got on my nerves. Lori and Andrea, possibly two of the most hated characters in television during their run, had a tendency to do stuff that was out of character. This wasn’t the actresses fault by any means, it was bad writing and I’ve already written about that before. Actually…I wrote…

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