The Red Wedding

I don’t watch the Game of Thrones, mainly because I can’t afford HBO. Also, I read the books and there is just only so much of that torture you can put yourself through. Don’t misunderstand, I love them, but I once read that George R. R. Martin wanted his readers to be afraid to turn the page.

He is really, really good at that. Too good.

The reason I bring this up? The show just caught up to the Red Wedding.

Yep. The Red Wedding.

I’ve been saying this since the show first came out, and especially since it’s popularity took off. You people, the ones who don’t read the books, who think they know where it’s going, who think they know what they’re in for, you know nothing!

Listen. Listen hard. That sound you hear? That bone breaking, soul wrenching sound?  Want to know what that sound is?

That’s the readers laughing. You thought you knew. Robb was supposed to win. We thought we knew too. The Red Wedding is old news, viewers.

It’s just the beginning. Winter is coming. Shit is about to get real up in Westeros.