iron man 3

Iron Man 3

Iron Man 3 was great and there are several reasons why. It’s a great action flick, it has great humor, a fantastic plot, and does what the others have done so well, just better. Everything the second did wrong, it corrected. Everything the first did, it improved upon. I don’t know if I’m willing to say it was better than Avengers, but it was certainly close. And while there is a lot to this movie, what I want to discuss is the twist. It’s not really a review. If you want a review, well, it’s great, go see it. Done. If you don’t want to know anymore, don’t read any further. Really, don’t. Everyone who hasn’t seen it, just to make sure, you’re gone, right? Cool. Anyway, so it turns out the Mandarin is a fake and Guy Pierce’s character is running everything as a puppetmaster behind the scenes, using…

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Story Arcs Has Moved Here!

I have a post up on the old Story Arcs announcing this, but I had a lot more to say and thought it really needed to be here. About a year or so ago I created my first blog (actually my second or third, but the first I really kept up with) for the purpose of looking at several topics. First and foremost, writing. I am a writer and aspiring author. I have one book completed and the second well on its way. I wrote about several things in the publishing industry (as I learned them) as well as the various things I love about Fantasy and Science Fiction. I also write about games, movies, shows, anything that peaks my interest. This new site will follow that same format for the most part. The blog is still dedicated to all those nerd habits, but I also intend it to be…

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