Writing FayTown Calling 6/15/14

Better today than last night. This afternoon I worked on the section that’s been troubling me, adding 1,250 words to the story. Not a lot more than that. Usually, I have something to add about storytelling or writing…but, nope. Anyway, this week is going to be a bit dicey as far as time goes. That’s not really any different than usual, it’s what held up last week, so I’m declaring a plan. Get up early and spend time making new words with a goal of a thousand before I leave for work. At night, do the same thing, or, edit. There is a lot of polish I need to start adding to the story now that things have passed by, so it’s time for that second coat of paint. That’s the plan. See ya’ll tomorrow.

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Day 11 of Writing FayTown Calling

Yep, keeping with the same number. (In case there’s any doubt, this is day 11 of the record, not day 11 since start. I’ve been writing this for like a year and a half.) Got home at about 8:30, gave my son his bath, spent a little time with him, and read him a color of his own. Then it was off to beddy-bye (we’re normally much better about that but I had class so this was a late night). I worked on half a section, knocking out a conversation between Virgil and the villain, and started on the action scene that makes up the rest of the section. It’s moving along. This was a scene from the very first draft that I had a lot of fun with so to be able to polish it up and flesh it out with more detail has been a good time. No…

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Day 9 of 10 Writing FayTown Calling

It’s seven in the morning and I’m pretty sure I’m done writing for now. I got a few hours of sleep, fully intending to actually go to bed, then woke up and stayed that way. This turned out to be a mixed blessing as I then wrote 4,200 words that I am very, very happy with. The afternoon netted be over 2,000 giving me a total of around 6,500 words for day nine. That bleeds into Sunday (day 10) so I don’t really know how to count it, but whatever, I’m calling that day nine. Currently, the story is at 112, 391 words. If you’re scratching your head at that total, that’s because of a lot of cannibalization of previous words. Those don’t get counted in my word count for the day, but obviously do for the total. Because so much is getting recycled, and so much getting cut because…

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FayTown Calling

A reader emailed me over the weekend asking about the next novel (If you heard a high pitched sound, it was me squealing like a schoolgirl). I’ve been looking for an excuse to do this, so I am going to go ahead an announce Virgil’s next story. Book 2 will be title FayTown Calling. This is the blurb: In Sorcerer Rising, Virgil McDane chased the Arcus, found its end, even lived to tell the tale. Now he has returned home to build his life anew, a Sorcerer in skill as well as name. But his world is a dangerous one and it has not let him go yet. He has ventured across the world, seen arcane civilizations and supernatural entities, but Mare City itself will prove an even greater challenge. In a world filled with monsters and magic, his home is no exception, and by far its most mysterious aspect…

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