Editing, Covered in Editing, With a Side of Editing

Sunday night I finished editing the 44th page of my weekend goal. I didn’t do double or a hundred like I hoped, but I got my planned goal taken care of and I was satisfied. I have 113 of my 308 pages completed, with a month and a half left to get the rest done. At 44 pages a weekend and 10 on a day during the week, that will take about three and a half weeks, ending in July, with two weeks for a final run through. Honestly, I want more time to do a final line by line spelling/grammar check, as well as formatting for publication. I know I’m underestimating that by tenfold and will need every ounce of time I can muster up to complete it. (I just used tenfold and muster in the same sentence. Remind me to discuss Naomi Novik’s His Majesty’s Dragon and how…

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Writing Progress 6/18

I did much better last night than the weekend. 16 pages edited (plan calls for ten on Monday), so pretty happy there. 1,002 words added to second novel. I’m not keeping up with how many words I’m writing in Sorcerer Rising for two reasons. First, it’s done. I’m not here to add things, if anything I am cutting out words. Theoretically, I could keep up with what is added, but it would be more trouble than it’s worth. Second, it doesn’t count. This is reworking. If I started counting the words I had deleted, rewrote, added, deleted, added again, I would be the most prolific person in the world who’d ever written only one novel. 

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Weekend Report

Friday, I posted my goals for the weekend. Today I am posting a report on how well those goals were accomplished. Unfortunately, it would be better to say this is a report on how well they were avoided. It was a miserable failure and I have no choice but to own up to it, however much I would like to think up an excuse. So what did I accomplish? No writing for one. That’s right, not a single word. I feel the worst about that. I allowed other things to get in the way, but really I just didn’t feel like writing. That is a fatal error. I allowed that type of thinking  for far too long, to the point that it took me four years to write my first novel. Tonight, I am going to write. I am looking for around a thousand words. I did do my plan. I have…

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