Dracula Untold and Vampires in Virgil’s World

I wanted, so very, very much, to hate this but it actually doesn’t look half bad. Did Dracula need an origin story? No, certainly not, and definitely not as the hero, but it looks like it’ll be better than Maleficent or I, Frankenstein. I have yet to see it, but if the trailer and reviews are any indication, it was horrible. At least Frankenstein’s Monster is a bit sympathetic, I don’t know how they screwed it up so badly. Trailer for Dracula Untold on TrailerAddict. I’ve been wanting to write a short story about Vampires for a while, and this just might have goaded me into action. I hate that Vampires have lost their monstrous quality, that the only dynamic anyone wants to tell anymore is that of the sympathetic, abused, misunderstood, glittery, romantic immortal. Even in stories like Underworld, where the vampires are the baddies, they’re really just guys…

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Godzilla Asian Trailer

Alright. Now I’m excited. I don’t know if it’s that thing that looks like Rodan or the fact that this finally revealed Godzilla’s full face and form, but I’m officially ready. I was one of the few who actually kinda liked the remake with Matthew Broderick (please, don’t hit me in my face) but seeing this Godzilla really points out the lack of that one. This doesn’t look like a T-rex or a lizard, not even a dragon. It looks like Godzilla. More than that, we’re going to get to see a serious throw down. The old Godzilla movies were always at their best when he was fighting someone. Personally, I have a soft spot for Mothra or King Ghidorah, but Rodan will do. For now.

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Chock Full of Monsters

I’m trying not to dedicate a lot of my time to TV, but I like to keep a stock of television shows ready to be watched when getting ready for work or while eating. My TV habits are much more eclectic than my book tastes (which are fantasy, pure and simple) but what came as a surprise was American Horror Story: Coven. Coven tells the story of a sort of Homicidal Hogwarts for Witches down in New Orleans. That was such a fun sentence to type. The story revolves around a conflict between this Coven and Marie Laveau, a voodoo queen who has long been in conflict with the largely white (skin, not magic) group of witches. There are a lot of race issues behind their conflict but also seems to be based on beliefs about magic and tradition as well. That all works really well, but what has been so damn…

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