January 2016

I Still Exist

Been a while, longer than I meant. I know, that song is getting old. Believe you me, no one feels as strongly about that as myself. Been wrapped up in…stuff. Without giving out too much detail, things have been unusually hectic for a number of reasons. Mostly work (ALL OF IT, screams the rebellious little voice in my head), though there are some other things going on too (the voice rolls its eyes and snorts). Writing has taken a big hit. Trying to change my own mindset about that being the easiest thing to drop when the shit hits the fan. Trying my best to get that back on track. Still owe an update on NaNoWriMo, which did a lot, but still not near where I needed it to be. I┬ádo have a goal, now personally driven by the very thing that is keeping it from happening. Good news, I’m…

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